11. - 13. August 2023

Thanari traditional tango weekend with delicious food, bonfire, Milongas & Workshops.

Dear friends, we Thanita Thana & Lilia Keller are happy to invite you for the second time to our private Thanari traditional tango weekend.

The Event will take place at the wonderful Thanari Kunst-Werk-Hof in Putlitz between Hamburg and Berlin.

We offer 120qm wooden dancefloor with the best aircondition and most beautifull view ever 🙂

Included in the price



Since May 2019 Katharina Sigel is  owners of this huge and wonderfull farm. It includes two hectares  land, five buildings and a little pond (no swimming) in a small little forest.

The farm is located in the beautiful, agricultur area of Prignitz, exactly between Hamburg and Berlin, easy to reach from A24. 

By train you reach the farm with the RE6 from Berlin and from Hamburg with IC(E) and RE6. 

A shuttle service from the trainstation Pritzwalk will be provided.


The 100qm dance-floor is pretty new and specially designed for Tango. Here you have the best air condition you can imagine as well as the best sunset you can get in front of a charming wide field. Dj’s overview the dancers and floor from our famous ship. Also, for the ladies to change and prepare for dancing an extra room in our middle barn would be available.

As you can see, it’s very worth it to spend the weekend at Thanari even without Tango – but it’s way more special and a fantastic combination with it. We are delighted to welcome you to come and enjoy our small paradise.

Nathan Leptin - Hamburg

Julian Emmerich - Berlin/Ungarn

Daniela Feilcke-Wolff - Berlin

Lilia Keller - Berlin

My DJ journey started in 2014, when I DJed for a couple of different milongas in my then-hometown of Muenster. Ever since, I’ve collected experiences in many different places both in Germany and other Countries in and around Europe. I DJ regularly on different Milongas in my hometown Hamburg. When I DJ I feel like I’m dancing with the whole crowd. The flow of energy from and towards the people on the dancefloor gives me a passion that is just as intense as my passion for the dance and music of Tango itself. I try to balance out rythm and melody, though I must admit to be leaning towards the faster and more energetic section of tango music.

Julian, originally from Hungary, based now in Berlin, has been in the Tango world for 6 years. He is frequently seen in the Pista all around the world. While his tango life is mostly bringing him towards the Stage, which he has stepped on in multiple countries in local Milongas and Festivals, he has also sat behind the DJ pult for some hours now and made the local scene in Berlin boogie through the night.. His style of playing is mainly by understanding the energy of the location and the dancers he sees in front of him while holding the space for beautiful experiences to happen. His love for Tango can be understood by the long tattoo running over his veins which says Tango, “because it runs in my blood. Tango is like life. Everything that can be found in life, can be found in Tango.”

Daniela Feilcke-Wolff started her career as tango-dj in Potsdam & Berlin. She is playing in regular milongas like the famous “Café Domínguez” and also on festivals & marathons. Daniela is well known for her carefully composed tandas which reflect the need of the dancers and also the traffic situation on the dancefloor. As a very skilled dancer she leads & follows and assimilates the musical perspective of both roles. Her heart belongs to the Golden Age, especially to the 40ties!

Lilia is a passionate Djane since 2009.
“I enjoy getting in communication with the dance couples through my music to get inspired by their movements.
My musical selection carries them through different moods & rhythms, from calm and melodic to powerful tangos.

You can experience Lilia in Berlin regularly as a Djane, in the Tangoloft, or in “Haus der Sinne”.
She has also played at the big milongas of Clärchens Ballhaus, Mala Junta and Nou in recent years.

Maestros teaching in 2023

Claudio Ceballos

Leila Reese

Raised in Palermo, Buenos Aires discovers tango at a young age through his “milonguero” uncle.
Initially he studied classical guitar, music composition and performance in Argentina and the USA with distinction. Back in his home country he dedicates himself fully to the tango again. Here he studies intensively with the best maestros of the city – Gustavo Naveira, Sebastian Arce, Javier Rodriguez, Gabriel Misse, Leandro Oliver, Demian Garcia – the tango he wants to dance and pass on himself: ‘Tango Salon’ and studies tango and folklore at the ‘Instituto Universitario Nacional de Artes’ (IUNA-BsAs).

From 2015 a permanent part of the ‘Escuela argentina de tango’, he teaches groups and individuals and starts touring and dancing shows internationally with his partner. On these paths, he meets a dance couple that, as he says, has inspired and influenced Him in a special way: Geraldin Rojas and Ezequiel Paludi. In Italy he has the good fortune to work directly with them, personally and dance-wise a very special honor.

One of his special talents is to be able to put himself perfectly in the perspective of both roles – leading and following. In this way he is able – although always with a partner – to accompany and sharpen both roles equally intensively.
Good technique leads to a natural connection. Leading and following becomes easy, fluid and precise – whether we have a lot of space or not. A bailar!

Since 2019 CCC lives in Berlin, where he teaches groups and private lessons to support tango dancers of all levels in their development through precise technique and details. He teaches alternatively in 4 languages: German, English, Spanish and Italian.


In Hamburg Leila first came in touch with the world of tango through a colleague in 2007. From the very first moment, she was particularly touched by the music. During the following year she attended the city’s milongas just listening and observing the atmosphere. Only after many hours of observation, she begun to participate in group courses and to take private lessons. Since then, the tango has accompanied her around the world, participating in tango events and bringing her frequently to Buenos Aires. With the same passion as in the beginning – listening and observing -, Leila continues her intensive study and training with local maestros. “Tango became my home no matter where I lived.”

Leilas investigation of movement started in young age training gymnastics, later picking up on ThaiChi and yoga, which is part of her daily routine. As a complement to tango, Leila trains regularly ballet and does bodywork with who, according to her, is one of the role figures in her life, Marcela Trapé from BsAs. She deeply investigated the body as a connected musculoskeletal system and in tango she focuses on intensive detailed work as a basis for a certain communication within the embrace.

Since 2020 Leila has been training tango and taking regular lessons with Claudio Ceballos Cruz and assisting him with courses in Berlin.

Workshops with Claudio & Leila

Lisa y traspié!

⁃ rhythmic analysis and patterns unique for dancing Milonga
 ⁃ milonga-technique that works
 ⁃ simple and complex milonga figures (different to tango figures).

Preferably please book in a couple, if you are still looking for a partner for the workshop, we will be happy to help.

Dates: WS I: Sat. 12:30 -13:45 o’clock



please write an e-mail to
Necessary information for us: Name, telefon, e-mail and if you have a partner.
You will get a confirmation e-mail with bank contact to pay and confirm your booking

PURO CLOSE EMBRACE (how not to break it)

Dancing small and accurate with total connection with your partner
 ⁃ dancing on a full milonga
⁃ become a dancefloor-navigation master with space awareness and respect for  other dancers

Preferably please book in a couple, if you are still looking for a partner for the workshop, we will be happy to help.

TIME: WS II: Sat. 14:00 -15:15 o’clock




please write an e-mail to
Necessary information for us: Name, telefon, e-mail and if you have a partner.
You will get a confirmation e-mail with bank contact to pay and confirm your booking

VALS ALTERACIONES (hmm..Nuevo?.. why not!)

⁃ explanation of concepts and applications
 ⁃ interesting combinations with change of directions
 ⁃ CADENAS and diverse uses.

Date: Saturday 12:30 -13:45

WS II: Sat. 12:30 -13:00 Uhr



please write an e-mail to
Necessary information for us: Name, telefon, e-mail and if you have a partner.
You will get a confirmation e-mail with bank contact to pay and confirm your booking


BOLEOS GALORE – New? Old? them all! 

Different types of BOLEOS with appropriate leading technique.
 ⁃ Boleos y Contra-boleos
 ⁃ leading a Boleo while doing a Boleo
 ⁃ With the music, on and off beat.
 ⁃ Fun figures

TIME: WS II: Sat. 13:45 -15:00  o’clock



please write an e-mail to
Necessary information for us: Name, telefon, e-mail and if you have a partner.
You will get a confirmation e-mail with bank contact to pay and confirm your booking


Thana (Katharina Sigel)

I have been a passionate tango dancer for 22 years and have always traveled internationally a lot. Since 2019, with the purchase of our farm and Corona it has become quite quiet about my tango. Now I am doing everything I can to bring the tango to Thanari and look forward to your numerous attendance.

Besides the organizational activities I am a teacher, owner of the Tango Shoe Station Berlin and a visual artist. Here I am mainly occupied with the medium glass. I make unique glass jewelry and glass sculptures. Look forward to a rich offer during the Tango Event from my own workshop.

Lilia Keller

I have been a tango teacher in Berlin for 19 years. I organize milongas & tango vacations and enjoy being a tango DJ.

I first came into contact with tango in Los Angeles in 2000, and the love for tango has been burned deep into my life ever since.

Since 2015 I am at home with my classes in the Tangoloft and since the pandemic I run my own little tango salon.

I love to DJ in Berlin tango clubs like Tangoloft, Art 13, Clärchens Ballhaus, Nou-Tangolounge, Milonga Popular-DJ Candlelight Floor & Haus der Sinne.

For more Info, please check out my website:

Kilian & Josh

We are Kilian and Josh and you are going to find us most of the time behind the bar. We know each other for more than 2 decades time and been working in the event gastronomy for some years. We got in touch with Tango because of Thana, she showed us everything we know about it. But until now we’re not the most passionate dancers but that can change very fast 😉.

We were already on the last Tango event working behind the bar and enjoyed the weekend a lot.

We are looking forward to serve you delicious drinks and fresh self-made juices.

Yoga - Morning Strech - Spinefitter Magic



The program always appears just before the weekend or at the beginning. 

We publish the program on the board on site .

– Helpers can arrive on request until 3 days before the event

  • 14:00 – 20:00 Arrival and check-in

  • Explore the area, relax, sunbathe, lie in hammocks

  • Explore tango store and jewelry store and artisan exhibitions

  • 18:00 Dinner

  • 20:00 – 2:00 Milonga DJ Nathan Leptin

  • 10:45 – 11:45 Yoga – Morning Strech & Spinefitter Magic mit Anja Kursawe 
  • 10:00 – 12:00 Breakfast  

  • 12:30 – 13:45  Tango WS I  – Boot -Scheune
    14:00 -15:15 Tango WS II – Kunst – Scheune

  • 12:00 -14:30 Workshop example depending on what is offered (get in touch if you feel like offering a workshop) Painting, clay experiments, chacarera, samba etc.)

  • ca. 13.30 – 20:00 Milonga

  • 15:00 – 17:00 lunch at the outdoor kitchen

  • 20:00 – 22:00 dinner offer at the outdoor kitchen

  • 20:00 – 2:00 Milonga

  • 10:45 – 11:45 Yoga – Morning Strech & Spinefitter Magic mit Anja Kursawe 
  • 10:00 – 12:00 Brunch
    – common preparation/ Please sign in list at “Pipo”

  • 12:00 – 13:15 Tango WS III @ Kunst-Scheune

  • 13:30-14:45 Tango WS IV @ Kunst-Scheune

  • 12.30 o’clock – open end Milonga DJ Lilia

  • 2pm caffe & cake at the Bar

  • 16:00 Assado/BBQ, not included in the price

travel and stay


The venue is located in the beautiful farming area of Prignitz, exactly between Hamburg and Berlin only 8 min. by car from A24.

By train you reach the Farm easily with the RE8, RE6 from Berlin and from Hamburg with IC(E) and RE6. A Shuttle service from the Trainstation Karsstädt will be provided.


Included in price1 hectare field for camping, cars & Campers.

Extra Booking: 12 spots in our 80 qm Atelier overviewing the Dancefloor. Please bring your sleeping bag

Several Hostels and Rooms in the villages around, please click for more information below: 

Pizzeria Pinocchio in Priow only 10 minutes by car from us with 30 beds. Please make clear with Fernando which room you want and book it. Most of the offers are shared rooms/apartments. Here it makes sense to agree or to be surprised.

1. – Apartment/room: 3 beds in the living room, 3 beds in the bedroom, 2 terraces.

2. – Apartment/room: one double room with 2 beds.

3. – Apartment/room: one double room with 2 beds

4. – Apartment/room: 3 beds, rooms are under the roof.
for rooms 1-4 the showers are in the corridor.

5. – Apartment: Three bedrooms, bathroom and kitchen. two rooms with 3 beds each, one room
with 2 beds.

6. – Occupied

7. – Apartment: total 4 double rooms, in two rooms can be added one bed each.
can be added. Apartment is beautiful and has a total of 10 sleeping possibilities.

8. – Room: three rooms, one room with a single bed, two rooms with two beds each. Shared bathroom.


Airbnb Website:

Jürgen Mahler, Kubiererdorfstr. 08, 16928 Groß Pankow, Kuhbier (Prignitz)

We offer 6 vacation apartments with 23 single beds. There are 6 apartments once with 5 single beds, two times with 4 single beds once with 2 single beds and one time the Svid accommodation with one bed.

Phone: +493398350830

Cell phone: +491621636880

Inquiry via Whatsapp


Note from the landlord: from monday to sunday from 7 o’clock in the morning until 18 o’clock in the evening


Address Rundling 12, 19348 Pirow OT Hülsebeck

Phone 033 981 – 850 090


  • 2 beds, kitchen and bathroom

Phone: 03398180751 


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